Startup Visa Introduction

Startup Visa would make visas available to entrepreneurs. Restated using political terminology, startup visa encourages immigration for the purpose of creating American jobs, growing the American economy, and promoting America’s global competitiveness based on an economy that’s built to last for the 21st century.

Different words, same meaning. When you hear Washington use those buzzwords about economic growth and job creation, they’re talking about us, whether lean startup operators in big companies or scrappy founders—entrepreneurs.

To the startup community, startup visa is a reasonable solution to an urgent problem that should be implemented as soon as possible. After all, there are so many failure modes when seeking product/market fit. Why tolerate another killer of early stage companies?

To Washington DC, startup visa is a solution seeking a problem. Google is still a startup to many elected officials; Airbnb, Dropbox, and Stripe are yet to be discovered. They’ve neither heard of your product, nor do they care to understand. To elected officials, 10,000 jobs is a blip on the unemployment claims. To political bureaucrats, it’s always easier to kick the can down the road or kill a new idea rather than risk a high-profile (terrorist) mistake. With all the other problems facing the country, why is this problem worth discussing, let alone even trying to implement a solution?

Our job is two-fold: convince Washington that the problem of entrepreneurs being denied visas is an existential threat to the US economy; we must urgently move to implement a reasonable solution to fix the problem

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